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Vision Haus Member Savings Program

With health care insurance becoming more costly and hard to understand, we at Vision Haus Optometry decided to offer a non-insurance vision program that is straight forward and economical.

Program initiation cost = $20.00/person/year
Family Rates available


  • Comprehensive Eye Exam: $80.00 (including screening retinal photos)
  • Medical Visits & contact fittings: 20% savings from Regular fees
  • Glasses Lenses: 20% off regular fees
  • Glasses Frames: $30.00 off regular fees
  • Lens add-ons (anti-reflection, transitions, etc.): 20% off regular fees
  • 2nd pair glasses same day order: 30% off (same patient, equal or lessor value)
  • Contact Lenses: 10% savings off regular fees
  • Complete Pair Value Glasses Packages:
    • Single Vision: $99
    • Bifocal: $129
    • Trifocal: $159
    • No Line Progressive: $189

How is this better than insurance?

  1. No monthly premium
  2. Convenience – Stay in Cheney vs. Travel into Spokane
  3. Savings that are comparable to insurance discount plans

For more information, feel free to Contact Us!